Fishing in the lake

Sanguinet Lake is also a fisherman’s paradise. Lots of species of fish are present such as pike, zander, perch, carp, tench, trout, black bass…

Opening periods: Water steam classed in the 2nd category: from de 1st to the 31st of December 2017. Trout: from de 11th of March to the 17th of September. Pike, perch, black-bass, pikeperch: from the 1st to the 29th of January and from the 1st of May to the 31st of December 2017. Eel: consult the Ministerial decree.

Fish domain : Private domain – 2nd category. Lake of 5800 hectares, with 2080 hectares of the community lake managed by the A.A.P.P.M.A. Rivers: The Gourgue, the canal, the Arieste = 12km of the 2nd private domain.

Minimal sizes of fishes : Black-bass: 0.40m, pike: 0.60m, pikeperch: 0.50m, trout: 0.23m. The carnassier is limited to 3 grips per day except perch. Trout limited to 10 per day.

Fishing techniques : Fishing in the deep, by grind, by light throw, lagging behind by a boat, with fly.

General disposition : The fishing cannot take place more than half an hour before the sunrise or half an hour after the sunset. During the period of specific ban on  pike,  perch, black-bass and  pikeperch, fishing in the deep, in the dead or artificial fish, in the spoon and other delusions, with the exception of the artificial fly is forbidden in the 2nd category. The behind lagging fishing is forbidden from Saturday at 6pm to Monday at 6am. Fishing at night is forbidden on the water managed by the A.A..P.P.M.A.

Contacts Agreed Association of Fishing and Protection of the Aquatic Environment of the Lake of Sanguinet. M. André LESAGE – Président de l’AAPPMA de Sanguinet : –

Purchase of fishing licence : La Boutique” 128 avenue des Grands Lacs –Sanguinet – 05 58 78 67 48 –

Purchase of fishing licence online :