Museum of the lake

The museum of the lake of Sanguinet

Under the quiet waters of our lake, try to imagine three villages, approximately thirty dugout canoes and many diverse objects …

The museum, in the heart of Sanguinet, a certified “Museum of France” is devoted to the lake. As a result of 40 years of underwater archaeological research by the Center of Research and Scientific Studies (CRESS), the museum displays a collection of 450 artefacts, showing human daily of people and their environment from the Neolithic to the present. The permanent exhibition area, divide into three chronological sections (Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages and antiquity) elaborates the themes of living conditions, crafts, agriculture, farming and breeding, metallurgy and navigation. The museum can be explored interactively via documentation, movies and models. The development of the lake over the last three millennia explains the presence of the five underwater archaeological sites. Taking into consideration the geography and the environment, this journey inetrprets three key stages, those of heritage, the environment and underwater archeology encompassing three themes “water, sand and man”

The museum also dedicates its space to cultural activities for young audiences (educational visits, after-school workshops) as well as a gift shop.


To discover Sanguinet’s history and its lake, explore the mystery of the engulfed villages and discover an exceptional archaeological heritage, come and visit the Museum of the Lake!

In the course of a circuit organised around three themes, ” the sand, the man and the water “, the museum invites you to discover or to rediscover:

  • The history of the formation of the lakes of the coast of Aquitaine
  • The life of the people of Sanguinet from 1500BC to the 4th century BC, through an exceptional archaeological heritage: villages, objects of everyday life, the dugouts…
  • The aquatic life of the lake and its ecosystem

The visitor can also discover the vestiges of:

  • Losa, Gallo-Roman village
  • Estey , housing from 2nd century BC
  • Put Blanc , fishermen’s village of 6th century BC

Price lists and opening hours




Free visits Guided tours
Adulte 4.5€
Enfant (gratuit -de 6 ans) 2.5€
Réduit (étudiant, demandeur d’emploi) 3.5€
Famille (2 adultes+2 enfants) 11€
Groupe adultes (10 minimum) 3.5€ 5€
Groupe enfants (10 minimum) 1.5€ 2€
Groupe tarif réduit (10 min) 3€ 4€
Abonnement annuel 12€


Opening times 2017


From 04/03 to   04/24

From Monday  to Wednesday:   10am to 12:00 /   2pm to 5:30pm *


From 05/02 to 06/30 and from 09/01 to  09/30

Wednesday: 10am to 12:30 and  3pm to 5:30pm

Saturday: 3pm to 5:30


July / August
Everyday: 10am to 12:30 and 2pm to 6pm (expect tuesday : close)


* close tuesday and thursday afternoon from 04/03 to 04/20

Address: Place de la Mairie 40460 SANGUINET /

Phone: +335 58 78 02 33 or +335 58 82 11 82 (town hall out of opening hours)