Lake regulations

In order that everyone can enjoy their activities in total safety, here are some regulations in place for Sanguinet Lake. The rules of navigation are written on signs situated near the water (the rules are available for every type of boat).

Water edge 300m: Near the banks of the lake, a zone named “waters edge » has been formally created. This strip is 300m wide and includes the “Bay of Sanguinet”. Speed is limited to 3 kilometres per hour. This zone is delimited by 8 yellow rounded buoys of 0.80 of diameter between “Put Blanc” and the the port of L’Estey.

The perimeter of bathing areas – the beaches: The circulation of all boats is forbidden in the swimming zones.

Jet Skiing: The practise of jet skiing is allowed from Monday to Thursday from 3 pm to 7 pm in a zone reserved for this activity. Jet skiing is forbidden:

  • outside these hours
  • from Friday to Sundayand
  • on bank holidays

The navigation of marine scooters, motorboat racing, aquatic scooters is regulated by the Order of the Prefect of June 30, 2006 and is forbidden in the band of 300m including the Bay of Sanguinet.

Windsurfing : The practise of windsurfing boards is forbidden until 10am on all the lake, except for the use of the sailing school.

Water- skiing : The practise of water skiing as well as all acitivities towed by a motorboat is forbidden in the band of  300m including the Bay of  Sanguinet.

Underwater Diving : Underwater diving  is forbidden inside the shooting polygone, in the water-skiing and jet skiing zones and in the archeological sites. It is allowed outside these zones, only between the sunrise and the sunset. Please respect the regulations in place for this acitivity.

Kitesurfing: The pratice of kitesurfing is regulated by a municipal order of 2006 forbidding this activity in the Sanguinet Bay zone. Some buoys are situated in the Estey port to signal the start of the permitted area.

The military zone: The west zones on the plan indicate the shooting area of the Air base of Cazaux (BA 120). This zone is strictly forbidden on weekdays and on any day when activity is possible. Circulation is allowed on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays if no decision to the contrary has been made by BA 120. On the lake, the military zone is delimited by bouys of 1m of diameter. If these rules are ignored, you are exposed to physical risks because the shots are real. You can also face a penal sanction.

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