The Sergio’s Editorial

The Sergio’s Editorial


On the 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd July, the Sanguinet Jazz Festival reaches its 18th year, still magnificently sited in the Espace Gemme, suitably fitted out for the occasion. Every year for the past 17 years, the festival has allowed us to approach and discover a host of musicians.

Vocal and instrumental virtuosos of national and international repute who have contributed to the development of jazz from the traditional French to a plural jazz with modern overtones, very open and very free.

Nowadays, musicians can play whatever they want, providing a fusion that allies tradition and modernity with always a thread of Swing and topicality.

This musical expansion was evident last year during the 17th event on the Sanguinet stage, and was a clear success with the festival’s public, something which did not escape me.

With this festive and dancing continuity in mind, I have put together this programme with the help of the organising committee in order to bring you 130 musicians making up the 17 groups and bands, 13 of which hail from the Southwest.

Topping the bill we have mad pianist and singer Ben Toury, and Ope Smith, the latest big name in hip-hop on the Friday evening, not forgetting the prestigious appearance on the Saturday evening of the international star and vocal icon of jazz and soul music Lisa Simone.

Two evenings of high quality not to be missed.

Come and dance and breathe in the notes and the rhythms of Jazz, Blues, Rhythm’n’ Blues, Soul music, Funk, Ska, Reggae, Hip Hop and World music. Great Jazz and a Great Festival to All.

Sergio, Festival Artistic Director

Over the course of time, the Jazz Festival has become a symbol, a strong element in the identity of our village, thanks to all those who have, for the past 18 years, worked to organise it. This year, once again, Sanguinet Town Council, the Great Lakes Tourist Office and numerous sponsors have worked throughout the year to bring you these 4 days of fellowship and music. A remarkable venue, a varied programme of high quality, catering and a bar, everything has been thought of to make you welcome. All of this we owe to our partners, whom I wish to thank warmly: our financial partners, both commercial and individual, who participate fully in the achievement of this festival, essential for the cultural and touristic influence of our village: all the artistes who do us the honour of coming to move us with their voices and instruments: all the sponsors and various staff who toil away in the background to make everything perfect: and finally you, dear public, whether you have been attending for many years or are coming now for the first time to discover something which makes us proud. So I invite you all to spend these 4 days together and celebrate Jazz in Sanguinet.

M Fabien Laine, Mayor of Sanguinet.