Thursday 20th of July


7:00pm Podium Meal: HANUMAN 

8:30pm Podium Meal: RASTA PAY’Z




Swing – Groove

Jazz Village – Podium Bodega – 5:30pm



The “Grosse Papille Orkestra” is a foursome comprising a singer/guitarist, a lead guitarist, a double bass player and a drummer/percussionist. These 4 musicians perform pieces by artistes such as Bob Marley, the Doors, the VRP, La Mano Negra, Radiohead, Nancy Sinatra. They interpret this repertoire in a Swing and Groovy style which they call Brock’n’Roll and Regg’n’guette.




Blues – Soul

Jazz Village – Podium Meal – 7pm

Hanuman above all show an intention to break into the world of music with ambition and a life plan. Most of all they are 7 young music-lovers who had the good fortune to have come together to produce a range of unique and eclectic sounds showing the influences of great contemporary musicians. There is also an obvious attraction to soul with a smattering of pop riffs or the soft warm strands of blues. Come and discover the subtle groove which runs through each of the group’s pieces and which forms their unique identity. When Hanuman are on stage, the atmosphere warms up and the speakers throb



Ska – Jazz

Jazz Village – Podium Meal – 8:30

Formed at the end of the 90s on the Landes coast, Rasta Pay’z produce a sound in the purest tradition of ska/reggae, influenced by examples of the genre such as Bob Marley or Toots and the Maytals. Rapidly seeking a more personal style, the brass section brings a festive, frenzied element which perfectly defines the group’s identity in live performances. In July 2001, Rasta Pay’z scored a hit in the Sanguinet Jazz Festival. That’s when the group decided to produce their first demo “Rasta Pay’z” in 2002 with a view to recording their best compositions and thus distribute them live. Several years of live performances followed at various festivals leading to the production of an EP in 2006 and in 2011 the recording of an album in a personal and successful style.