Saturday 22nd of July


10:30am  Ambulatory in town: JAZZ A4 REVIVALgratuit

4:30pm Podium Garden of the Town Hall: ELECTRO J LINK

6 pm    Podium Meals: SANGUINET JAZZ BAND

7 pm    Podium Meals: DJANGOPHIL




Jazz New Orleans

Ambulatory in the city – 10:30 am to 12 pm

“A Standard Quarter in Luxury Format”

The Echoes of the Golden Age in Louisiana and the French melodies on the Mississippi aboard the Natchez from St Louis to New Orleans.




Electro Jazz

Podium Garden of the town hall – 4:30 pm

A talented duo at the piano this year: Fabien Poly, saxophone Eric Diard, adapted to any kind of context Electro-latino jazz. This Duo can evolve into Trio or Quintet, the participation of different pianists in each performance is a richness from where an evolutive repertoire as well as a different interpretation under the aegis of the leader Eric Diard, with the tenor saxophone and arrangements with many Flavors is a jazz fusion tinged with funk and electro that he offers us with virtuosity.





Jazz Village – Podium Meals – 5:30 pm

The Sanguinet Jazz Band is a semi-professional training of 20 musicians with a singer. His repertoire includes great jazz standards but they are especially specialized in swing and Be-Bop. Led by Michaël DUBOIS, gold medal of the Bordeaux Conservatory. His technical and pedagogical skills have allowed this group to evolve enormously since its creation, to the point of being currently ranked among the best Big Bands in Aquitaine.



Jazz “Manouche”

Jazz Village – Podium Meals – 7 pm

It has been 16 years and countless concerts that the group originally from Bergerac
Brings rhythmic and virtuoso music to life, such as Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino and Georges Benson. Over the years, the quintet has succeeded in proposing a repertoire combining compositions and standards of Latin, mainstream, pop, bebop, romantic music while preserving the prism and sensitivity of “gypsy jazz”. The latest album “Baldwin Street” mixes original compositions anchored in modernity and standards interpreted with authenticity. A series of harmonious pieces, sometimes soothing, tonic, always balanced.







9 pm  Jazz Village – Marquee:  ECHOES OF SPRINGSTicket

10 pm Jazz Village – Marquee : LISA SIMONE






Jazz – Swing

Jazz Village – Marquee –  9pm

We can say that these two have found themselves. After crossing the swinging eighth in full of situations regalantes, they decide to play in duet. Their two languages ​​complement each other perfectly. They speak swing jazz (euphemism). The one chiselled, the other supported, but sometimes, great happiness, the roles are reversed. Let us close our eyes, scarcely credible, we would think them more numerous. Abundant music, counterpoint, questions and answers, jousts, comments, exchanges bubbling in a mutual listening of course. So, they record a cd: “ECHOES OF SPRING”. Several good chronicles in the press and a passage to Open Jazz from France Musique in September 2014 confirm our two companions in their choice. Moreover, they are the only ones in the world (but yes!) To have recorded “Echoes of Spring” in duet piano / clarinet.
Some festivals and concerts later, JAZZ PURPLE BERGERAC, MARCKOLSWING, SANCY SNOW JAZZ, JAZZ AND BLUES LEOGNAN, THEATER OF THE SAINT CERE FACTORY, they register at the end of 2016 the cd “ALLIGATOR CRAWL” very well received by the critics and the amateurs. They find SANGUINET with pleasure for its 2017 edition.

Keep swinging !!




Jazz Village- Marquee – 10pm

It is the story of a recognition obtained on the late and on stage above all. A story of love as one rarely sees between an artist and his public: concerts that follow, the word-of-mouth that is worth for main promotion. An “old-fashioned” story.

“So connected with what’s real”

A musical alchemy:

My World is the culmination of a very effective balance that Lisa Simone, Hervé Samb and their musicians have made to exist on stage continuously for two years.
My World is the result of this total collaboration between Lisa Simone and Hervé Samb, and has been recorded in two different places: in the Cevennes foothills at Studio Recall (which in the past welcomed Alain Bashung, Noir Désir, Césaria Evora …) And in the Paris region at the studio Yellow Sub (Zazie, Garou …).

New instruments have been added to the original group. A section of brass and percussion to support the most groovy titles (Unconditionnaly, Hold on, Tragic Beauty), and a string quartet to bring extra soul to My World, Expectations, This Place. But this album was born under the sign of the vocal above all: the voice of Lisa Simone is accompanied by that of Lisa Spada in the choirs, as well as by those musicians who bring a striking counterpoint on the title of My World. The major interest of this production lies in vocal placement, a form of primitive human expression, as if to give full resonance to the message of inner peace so dear to Lisa Simone.

His inner world, songs, nothing but songs:

With My World, Lisa Simone opens the doors of the intimate big. Through the songs, one discovers the importance of his family: a distant son in Ode to Joe; His daughter RéAnna to whom the song Unconditionnaly speaks and which interprets with his mother a key title of the disc – I Pray; His mother Nina of course, who dedicated the beautiful If You Knew in which she expresses all her love for her daughter and her need to be with her. Nina Simone is also present in Tragique Beauty that Lisa wrote at the very moment of her mother’s death, and
This Place refers to the house where Lisa chose to put her suitcases in Carry-le-Rouet, which was Nina’s last home (she died there twelve years ago).

At 53, Lisa Simone sings to tell us about the happiness of finally finding her place in this world, to live simply. Through experiences and encounters, she has transcended past sufferings and wishes today to share with the public a deep joy, a new serenity. Here is what will remain of these simple songs, falsely naive and