Friday 21st of July


6 pm Podium Bodega: ONE SHOT

7 pm Podium Meals: HANUMAN GROOVY




Blue – Soul – Funk

Village Jazz – Podium Bodega – 6pm

After a year and a half in existence and a few outings in public, these four musicians seemed to sprout wings, padding out and refining their repertoire with new versions such as “The Chicken” (a piece written by Pee Wee Ellis and brought to light by Jaco Pastorius) and new arrangements

which characterise well the spirit of the group. With a programme of blues, soul, funk (BB King, Maceo Parker, Jack Bruce, Stevie Wonder, Jeff Beck)… the quartet consists of Alain Rover, guitar and vocals, Marcel (Marcello) Arabit on keyboards, Alain Miranda on bass and Claude Charprenet on drums.



Soul, Pop, Funk, Hip hop

Jazz Village – Podium Meals – 7pm

So Groovy is a deep, warm voice, that of Valeria Vitrano who, says the legend, did not utter a cry at his birth but vocals tinged with soul and jazz !!
Dynamic brass and a percussive rhythm mix and unite for a mix of soul, pop, funk and hip hop. It is a vibration that traverses the scene, a public heckled with the sound of living and perennial compositions.
So Groovy is also a unique style, an unusual concept born of the mixture of influences of the eight musicians who make up this ensemble.




9 pm: Jazz Village – Marquee : BEN TOURY

10 pm: Jazz Village – Marquee : OPE SMITH





Rythm’ & Blue

Jazz Village – Marquee – 9pm


“The Rythm and Blues concerts of the singer, pianist Ben Toury are similar to shows mixing virtuosity, energy and emotion.”

Benjamin Toury is a young pianist, composer. This self-taught pianist begins the piano at the age of 5 and has been playing in public since the age of 11. He begins playing piano and harmonica in duet blues boogie with his father drummer. They will play more than 500 times throughout France. At 20 Benjamin comes to Paris and forms the Benjamin Toury trio with the bassist Nick Whewell (1st disc: Blue Mexico). At 22 years the trio becomes quartet with the addition of a baritone saxophone. The music of Ben is always in constant evolution integrating in addition to the Blues-Boogie of its origins, hip hop, funk ska and classical music. The Benjamin Toury quartet then becomes quintet with the addition of a second saxophone (2nd disc: Heavy Staccato). Since then the virtuoso pianist will add vocals to the instruments and the formation will become the Ben Toury Corporation with the exchange of the brass section for a jazz guitar. With more than 1000 concerts under his belt, Ben is a professional and efficient stage musician, His virtuoso play inflames the halls and festivals where it occurs. In all hundreds of shows in France and abroad. Benjamin’s current music distils great moments of virtuosity and emotions. The shows of Ben Toury meet the interest and arouse the enthusiasm of a large public.



Hip-Hop Jazz

Jazz Village – Marquee – 10pm

An excellent singer with a strong stage presence and a contagious generosity, Opé Smith was noted as a chorus singer of Ben l’Oncle Soul and Eddy Mitchell, as well as his own band in the first part of Earth, Wind & Fire.

With his strong and catchy melodies carried by a voluntarily “old school” sound, his original songs echo as much tributes to his influences: Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, The Temptations …

Chorister of Ben the Uncle soul, Eddy Mitchell.